Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Yay Snowing

Celebrating another super fun skijor with our 'end of run' pork treats!
All smiles, all at attention, all such fun skijor partners!
We were supposed to wake to 2-4 inches of new snow but instead we awoke to a mere trace to 1/2 inch - boo! But, it turns out it was just a late arriving storm as it started snowing about the time we started this morning's skijor and is really dumping out now that we are back home!

The developing storm apparently scared everyone else off the trails as we had Boreas Pass to ourselves all morning long. With the light layer of new snow (and more falling) we were laying fresh tracks all the way up Boreas:
Whee - nobody but us Siberian Huskies out on Boreas all morning!
Boreas Pass is known for its wind gusts and we encountered a few wind blown drifts to power on through:
POW - blowing through a wind drift!
But, the majority of the day found us laying fresh tracks in up to an inch of fresh snow (the snow kept accumulating as we went). What fun!
Zooming back down Boreas Pass as you see our "up tracks" to the left.
No reason to use the up track when you can lay freshies to the right :)
So, here we go - cruising along Boreas with active snow falling all around us - fun video. Yay Snow!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Finally, no blog entry this season is complete without the comical break photo:
"I'm having a blast today!" declares snow covered Zorro circling back to me at our turnaround.
"You guessed it - rub a dub dub!" demonstrates comical Jack rolling his usual snow angel.
"Having a blast too - nice snow trough you built Jack!" adds cute snow covered Rudy standing
in the trough Jack built on the way to roll his snow angel.

Fresh tracks up & down Boreas Pass in the day's actively developing snowfall! 5.2 miles traveled with 400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

2018/2019 Season to Date: 48 days on the trails covering 259.6 miles with 23,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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