Friday, March 25, 2016


We are happy to report that most of this morning's skijor footage was blurred by heavy falling snow covering the GoPro camera case!
This is what most of today's footage looked like. The blurs are snowflakes that have stuck
and started to accumulate on the GoPro case.

I would continually wipe the camera case only to have it acquire and accumulate snow again within 30-60 seconds! But, we did get some footage in between camera wipes...

The right side of the camera starting to accumulate snow but still a clear shot down the middle. Look directly up from Max and you see what you might think is a big cloud in between the trees. This is actually a big snowflake about to land on the camera case!
Zipping along in the morning's fresh snow - wheeee!

Wipe the camera case clear as we crest and trot by Sally Barber Mine. Look at Zorro's snow-covered white back! It was dumping snow on us all day - yay!
Snow covered Zorro (Max too, but it is easier to see on black Zorro).
All the white dots on the mine are snowflakes falling as we trot by.

We are also happy to report that this morning's outing was slowed (mileage wise) by accumulating snow on the trail. From laying fresh tracks to breaking trail as the snow kept falling & falling!
Snow blurs on the sides of the camera case with a nice open view down the middle of trail
breaking Max & Zorro.

I cleared the camera case just in time to catch Max & Zorro's noses pulling them off trail to scan the forest for moose. There was indeed a big old brown moose hiding in the trees across the way staring back at us!
"You may think you are camouflaged but we smell & see you!" declare the expert moosers.

Back to the trailhead and at least Nancy's camera was clear of snow. Max & Zorro get chopped pork and the end of each run as a reward for towing me all over the mountains.
"Yum!!!!" states pork snacking Max.
"I see my next chunk in your right hand! My turn, my turn!" declares intense & focused Zorro.

Great to have the day blurred by snow as we are building snowpack for April & May. Great to have the day slowed by breaking trail in accumulating snow. What a day! 8.2 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 103 days on the trails covering 873.2 miles with 95000 feet of elevation climbed.

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