Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Having a great time doing our favorite skijor activity on the trails at Swan Valley: playing chase, pass and interact with the dog sled teams from Good Times Adventures. Wheeee!
Flying along the trails behind an 8 dog team from Good Times. The "bright colored" musher
makes it easy to see the team in front of us!
Good Times closes for the season tomorrow! They can only run so many tours on National Forest land each season, so, despite the great trail conditions, they are still closing tomorrow. Max & Zorro LOVE running the trails with the dog sled teams so we had to get one last fun run in with teams from Good Times this morning. We had a ton of fun! A nice "chase photo" above and a bunch more fun below:

Passing a paused team on the trail.
"Hi friends! Coming through!' say fast passing Max & Zorro.

Love this shot of the black wheel dog below. We were paused at a trail intersection to let this team go by. Max and the black wheel are clearly exchanging pleasantries.
"Hi buddy! You look like my little bro!" states Max.
"Hi friends, you look fun!" declares the wheel dog.

Finally, a fun video clip from the morning. Every once in a while we get behind a timid musher who is clearly "riding the brake" along the trails as we gain ground too fast. Today's short clip is one such case.

I call this a "ready, set, go ... wait" video. Max & Zorro are "ready & set" in the beginning as I am driving my skis and poles into the snow to hold them back from going. Then the team on the trail in front of us finally goes, so we do too. But, the musher is clearly riding the brake as I am snowplowing most of the video to keep us back but we are still gaining ground. Eventually we get "too close" (and the trail is too narrow to pass) so I have to plow into a wait to give the team a bigger headstart - "ready, set, go ... wait":
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Lots of teams on the trails - what a fun day:
"Superb!" exclaim the happy pair looking back at me at a brief pause on the trail.

Cannot believe Good Times is done running tours for the season! Oh well, we made the most of it today: 9.8 miles traveled with 1200 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 25 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 106 days on the trails covering 900.3 miles with 98300 feet of elevation climbed. 900 miles and counting - 1000 here we come...

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