Monday, April 11, 2016


Getting a "you are so SLOW" lecture from Max & Zorro at the trailhead:
"Wooooo - you so slow it is killing me!" exclaims Max.
"Aaahhh - I'm getting bone rot in here!" belts Zorro.
A couple of times a season we go out skijoring without Nancy. That means we do not have a handler to help with Max & Zorro and they have to remain in the Jeep while I get organized and ready. Here are ALL the things they have to wait for: (1) change into ski boots; (2) get skis/poles out of the rocket box; (3) put on all my equipment (jackets, hats, gloves, backpack, gps, etc.); and (4) FINALLY put on the gangline and let Max & Zorro out of the car. Normally they hop right out with Nancy and get to miss all these silly preparations by the human.

Well, each time we go skijoring without our handler, I get a serious lecture from Max when I am finally on step #4 to let him out of the Jeep. So, I totally expected it today. But, look at the photo above and, oh my god, Zorro is belting out a trailhead lecture too! Normally Zorro just fidgets while Max lectures. Clearly I was slower than ever today as Zorro had to join in the "humans are sooooo slow" chorus!

Okay, finally on the trail and almost ready to go...
"My feet are starting to move, you better have those skis on!" declares leaving with or
without me Max.
"Sorry for the lecture. Can we go now?" asks patient (ha!) little Zorro.

We are happy to report that (once we FINALLY got started) Rabbit Ears Pass is still blanketed in snow with perfect midseason conditions as we approach mid April!
White as far as the eye can see - wheeee!

Can you see what is so exciting about the next photo? Well, we are happy to report that it started dumping snow about 1/2 way into our outing. From this point on, the GoPro case was constantly blanketed and blurred by snow and we happily have no more footage to share!
Big snowflake left center, snowflake streak right center and snowflake dots showing against
all of the trees. April (snow) showers bring May miles! Yay!

The slowest day in history getting started and the trailhead and then (finally) 10.1 miles traveled with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 114 days on the trails covering 968.7 miles with 106,050 feet of elevation climbed.

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