Friday, April 29, 2016


Goofball Max decided to take over today's skijor outing :)
Great shot of "proper skijoring" along the spring crust in an open meadow.
A rare shot for the day :)

Max woke up this morning in a goofy mood. From the time we got up, he was bouncing off the walls acting like a silly puppy. I was joking (I thought) when I said, "Sure hope this behavior does not carry over onto the trails!" Well...

Ruppy [defn]: A red colored Siberian Husky who loses control and gets a case of the "puppy brains".

Ask yourself if this looks like proper skijoring form...
"Hehe, hey little bro - I'm feeling FRISKY!" declares ruppy Max dorking with Zorro as Zorro
and I try to skijor this morning.

Now, why would someone decide to hurdle his brother while skijoring? Must be a ruppy...
"Wheeeee - I can fly!" exclaims silly Max suddenly deciding to hurdle Zorro as we were skijoring.
You can see my skis cutting into a snowplow to try and stop while the hurdling ruppy loses it again!

Here is Max the Ruppy in video action. Listen as I am calling out repeatedly to try and correct the "broken red rudder" until we finally turn a corner and "right the ship" into a real skijoring team again! Now, it may look like Zorro is participating; but, believe me, I was there, Max was starting it all day long. Poor, innocent Zorro is just trying to deal with the big ruppy pest :)
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We used to call today's behavior a visit from Planet Z as it was so common our first year skijoring when Zorro was a 1 year old puppy brain. Today the 9 year old Ruppy Max paid a visit to Planet Z before bringing a case of the puppies to the trails.
"Who me?" asks innocent acting Max.
"So tough being the 'face of reason and composure' in this pack!" declares Zorro.
If you know Zorro, you laughed as hard reading that last comment as I did writing it :)

I guess there could be worse things than having your 9 year old act like a 9 month old all morning long... 8.3 miles traveled (yes, we did shed the ruppy occasionally :) with 950 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 127 days on the trails covering 1068.9 miles with 117,850 feet of elevation climbed.

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