Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Single File

Single file skijoring in a narrow single track all day in French Gulch!
Max jogging lead as we head out & up French Gulch in a narrow single track.

We have been in the midst of a wonderful mid-April snow event. It started snowing Thursday night and has been snowing on & off until this morning (with more forecast for later this evening)! The result has been 2-4 feet of fresh snow deposited on our trails! The snow has been occurring daily since Thu, so each day we have new snow to pack on the trails while the powder on the shoulders keeps getting deeper and deeper. French Gulch is primarily a cross country ski trail and when it has been snowing daily for a week, the trail quickly shrinks to a narrow single track (essentially one pair of skis wide) as people keep reusing the same track instead of venturing into the deep shoulders. Eventually (once the daily snow stops) the trail will widen so that Max & Zorro can run side by side; but for the meantime, French Gulch is a narrow single track requiring single file skijoring to fit.

No complaints here, we will happily trade miles (due to slower single file skijoring) in April for snowpack through May. April (snow) showers bring May miles & smiles! Yay!

Max ran lead in our single file setup for the entire "out route" in French Gulch and then they traded and Zorro ran lead for the entire "back route". Such great team players!
Coming back in French Gulch - Zorro's turn to run lead.

We came to one surprise fork in the trail... The main French Gulch Trail to the left and a moose track trail to the right. Guess which direction Max & Zorro chose to pursue?
"Moose track! Abandon French Gulch and follow the moose!" declare the moose veering pair.

Midpoint turnaround but must roll snow angels to cool off first:
Max is just finishing his angel as Zorro is beginning his. Almost perfectly synchronized
snow angels :)

Happily slowed to a single track trot in French Gulch as we accumulate snowpack for May: 7.2 miles traveled with 750 feet of elevation climbed.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 121 days on the trails covering 1024.0 miles with 112,550 feet of elevation climbed.

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