Saturday, April 30, 2016

Oh Yeah

Breaking Trail on April 30th! Oh Yeah!
Cruising Upper French Gulch as we break trail in 8-12 inches of fresh powder! Amazing.

You do not often get to report breaking trail on April 30th. But, this morning we found French Gulch full of fresh & untouched snow. We were in 4-12 inches of powder all day long! Laying fresh tracks and breaking trail for 7 miles on the last day of April. What a treat!

Upper French Gulch was as shown in the previous photo: 8-12 inches of fresh powder all to ourselves. Middle French Gulch gets plowed a few times a season, so you get these massive snow walls on the sides of the trail with fresh powder down the middle. Mid French Gulch had about 6-8 inches of fresh snow for us to glide through:
Snow walls on each side of us as we cruise along in 6+ inches of powder.

Even Lower French Gulch found us laying fresh tracks all morning long. It is a very rare treat for the sun-exposed and lower elevation section of this trail to have 4+ inches of snow on April 30! Wheeee!
Nothing but fresh snow in front of us! 

Laying fresh tracks in Lower French Gulch to breaking trail in Upper French Gulch. A very satisfying April 30th:
"Wow - my toes have never been so happy on April 30!" exclaims happy Max.
"Yippee - wheeee!" declares happy little Zorro!

Happily slowed on this morning's outing by breaking trail on April 30: 7 miles traveled with 650 feet of elevation climbed.

2015/2016 Season to Date: 128 days on the trails covering 1075.9 miles with 118,500 feet of elevation climbed.

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