Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Putting smiles on the faces in the crowds watching us fly by on the trail :)
"Hi, bye - made you smile!" says the entertaining trio giving the crowds a skijor show
near the trailhead this morning.
We gave Zorro most of the day off this morning and ran Jack & Rudy on the fast groomed trails around Gold Run Nordic Center before adding Zorro for the fun sprint to the finish.

It was a Groomie Zoomie day with Jack & Rudy as the trails were absolutely PERFECT! They have a skinny groomer that they use on some of the side trails at the nordic center. This groomer is a snowmobile towing a groomer sled, so the groomie zoomie is as wide as a snowmobile on these side trails. Skinny or not, groomed is still a zoom trail for the skijor experts. Catching air on a skinny groomie:
The hover huskies floating atop the skinny groomie! Zoom!
If we were catching air on the skinny trails, you can only imagine what we did on the wide, full groomer trails. Zoooooom!
Catching air again as we are first tracks on a perfect groomie zoomie trail!
Keeping with the "hover theme" of the day, rodent diving Rudy was back to his favorite comedy routine on the trail :)
"DUNK - searching for rodents!" demonstrates dunking Jack.
"Incoming swan dive!" performs Rudy continuing to hover above the ground all day long :)
Today's video highlight is an impressive piece of skijoring by Jack & Rudy. Come along as we start off running at a nice pace in a skinny groomie. Eventually we approach a winter access gate in the middle of the trail - note that the groomer track goes straight through and under the gate! But, my perfect partners listen to my "easy" command and then "right" to abort the groomed track and pass through the access point of the gate. Then watch as the perfect pair even looks back to make sure I am through the gate before re-launching the skijor engine on the skinny groomie. Such incredible skijoring skills from these two maturing youngsters!!!!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

It is safe to say that Jack REALLY enjoys his snow angels that he ALWAYS rolls at our turnaround points on the trail:
"Haha, hehe, wheeeeee!" says silly smiling snow rolling Jack.
"Ah, rub a dub dub!" adds snow rolling Rudy.
A the first photo shows and I mentioned above, after hovering around the groomie zoomies with Jack & Rudy, we added Zorro into the mix for a happy & fun group sprint to the finish.
"Wheeee!" say the smiling sled dogs!
A super fast day floating around the trails with the kids and then a fun finish with elder Zorro: 9.7 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH!

2019/2020 Season to Date: 61 days on the trails covering 422.1 miles with 40,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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