Monday, January 13, 2020


You cannot get a much tighter skijor triplet than the following shot!
The conjoined skijoring triplet. Good thing we all like each other :)
We had a fun skijor out & back in French Gulch this morning. The conditions were wonderful as we have had light snow almost daily the past week. Just the right daily amount to keep French Gulch in perfect condition.

The four pack (Zorro, Jack, Rudy & I) had fun running the gulch in search of the ever elusive moose and putting smiles on the faces of backcountry skiers we encountered. Love this shot of Rudy the Flirt!
"Hi!!!! You sure look like you could use my help!" says Rudy flirting with the skiers we passed.
"Hi, bye!" say forward focused Zorro & Jack.
Today's fun video clip showcases two parts of French Gulch. First, you get to see the nice conditions on the trail with set tracks on the right & left and shallow powder down the middle. Second, you get to see two of the private cabins in the gulch (first one close by on the left and then one set back to the right). These cabins date back to the 1950s before backcountry skiing was popular and nobody knew what to do with all this empty land in the mountains! The land was practically given away back then - a decision just about everyone regrets nowadays. Finally, you get to see the fun skijoring trio cruising along in the great conditions.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

All smiles as we arrive at the trailhead to end the morning skijor:
"What fun we had today!" says the happy trio.
Since we were in French Gulch, we were, of course, on the constant lookout for moose. We got the occasional distant "scent of moose" on the skijor. But, back at the trailhead and all the moose alarms went off!
Everyone peeking over the snowplow pile in the trailhead parking lot.
I peeked over the pile myself but did not see any moose. But, you can tell
by the intense looks from Zorro, Jack & Rudy that the scent of moose
was clearly in the air.
Eventually everyone agreed that there were no moose over the snow pile despite a clear "scent of moose" in the air. No moose to be seen, so end of run pork treats instead:
"Focused, ready and all smiles!' says the sled dog trio.
A nice run out & back in French Gulch this morning: 5.7 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 66 days on the trails covering 456.6 miles with 43,200 feet of elevation climbed.

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