Monday, January 6, 2020

Moose Juice

You cannot get much more aerodynamic than Jack & Rudy in the following sprint tuck :)
Love the ears pinned back as the youngsters get into the most aerodynamic sprint
configuration possible!
We did a split skijor this morning, starting with the kids Jack & Rudy on the Sally Barber Mine Trail and then adding Zorro for an entertaining out & back in French Gulch.

Today's fun video from the Sally Barber Mine Trail. Come along for one of my favorite sections of the trail as we lean into a left turn, then a right turn and finally floor it along a wide open straightaway. Zoom!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

While Sally Barber was fast & fun, the real excitement started once we added Zorro to the team in French Gulch. We were cruising along in the gulch when suddenly Zorro & Jack drifted right and then off trail into a moose trough!
"This is a deliciously fresh smelling moose trough intersecting the trail!" declares the moose experts.
"Wait, what? A moose trough? Where?" asks still the moose amateur Rudy.
It did not take Rudy long to realize what Zorro and Jack were up to. A beautiful rodent dive into the moose trough!
"Got it! Incoming!!!!!" demonstrates diving Rudy.
Did the moose enter or leave the French Gulch Trail at this trough? Well, after a thorough inspection from the trio, the experts, Zorro & Jack, declared this was a "moose entrance" and we should continue up trail. Sure enough, as soon as we got back on trail from the trough there were two sets of moose tracks leading out the French Gulch Trail.
Look closely...  Right next to my waistband buckle is a smallish moose print (a young moose).
Directly to the left of the smaller print is a much larger moose print (the mother).
You can follow the mother's prints up the trail next to and past Rudy.
You can tell by the intensity of my partners that the moose went the direction we are headed!
The mother and baby moose prints continued out French Gulch for almost 1.5 miles before they finally exited the trail:
"This would be a fresh 'moose exit' point!" declares Zorro & Jack.
"Really? Let me see!!!!' adds young Rudy.
We never actually saw the mother or baby moose. But the freshness of the tracks added some real 'moose juice' to my partners as we skijored out & back French Gulch in near record time!

If you can't catch a moose, you might as well have end of run pork treats instead :)
"Not moose meat, but we'll take pig meat instead!" declares the focused trio.

A fast & fun Sally Barber run with the kids and then a moose juiced out & back in French Gulch with Zorro: 8.4 miles traveled with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 60 days on the trails covering 412.4 miles with 39,300 feet of elevation climbed.

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