Thursday, February 6, 2020

Passing 600

Passing 600 miles of skijoring for the season this morning (603.9 to be exact) with a fun shot of Zorro the flying missile with fast running Jack & Rudy on each side of him.
Flying Z - wheeee!
We did an out & back in French Gulch again this morning and let elder Zorro come along for the whole ride. He was having a blast in the light layer of new snow and we anticipate serious trail breaking Friday and Saturday morning so Zorro will sit out most of those runs.

We started out laying fresh tracks in 1-2 inches of snow in French Gulch and eventually got as deep as 3-4 inches.
Fast running trio as we lay fresh tracks to start the day.
I love some of the "cornering shots" I get of the talented trio entering tight bends in the trail. Here is a beautiful shot of fast Rudy on the inside track, then Zorro in the middle beginning a lean left and finally Jack starting a more pronounced lean into the left from the outside position.
Such cornering precision!
Put the first and third photos above together and you get today's video highlight. Come along on part of our "return leg" in French Gulch. As we did and out & back, you see Zorro & Rudy running primarily in the track we set on the way out while Powder Jack does his usual "run in the shallow side powder". Oh, and notice the light snowfall coming down around us. Yay for Snow!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

I said we did an "out & back", right? Oh Jack...
"Turnaround is ROLL AROUND!" demonstrates silly Jack at our turnaround point.
"Are you sure HE is the lead dog and I am the youngster?" asks Rudy.
"I've learned it's better not to watch!' adds all business Zorro.
Don't be fooled, Rudy rolled his snow angels too. It was just a rare occurrence that he and Jack were not synchronized in their snow rolling antics :)

Coming to the end of the day and smiles all around:
All smiles as we just came around & through the winter access gate you see behind us.
Finally, our end of run treats. This isn't the best treat shot we've got, but I do love Zorro's smile and frozen beard!
Love cold & snowy days!!!
A nice full run for Zorro out & back in snowy French Gulch this morning: 5.7 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 88 days on the trails covering 603.9 miles with 55,750 feet of elevation climbed.

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