Sunday, January 3, 2021

Baldy to Boreas

 Notice who is the patient and mature gentleman at our 'end of run' treats gathering!

"Me first!" declares Zorro.
"Remember, I'm next!" injects Jack.
"I hope you tell every *who* was the patient and mature gentleman
" says polite, even though youngest, Rudy.
"Yes, Rudy, I've pointed it out to everyone!" says me :)

We had a fun skijor on Baldy and Boreas mountains this morning. This fun network of trails is best shown through pictures.

We start on the wide Baldy Mountain Trail as I ride the "Jack & Rudy Tow Rope" up the mountain:

Up the mountain I get towed!

We then transition onto the lesser used and quite narrow "Baldy to Boreas" connector. I love the following shot. Doesn't it look like Jack is using his tail to hold Rudy in tight as they squish to fit on the narrow trail:

"I'll hold you in with my tail so we can fit!" demonstrates Jack, our natural
leader on the trails.

Finally, we transition onto the popular (and, thus, well-used) Boreas Pass Trail:

The reward for "up Baldy" and "across the narrow connector"?
Flying down Boreas as we zoom by Baker's Tank here.

How about a video summary of the reward for up & across Baldy to Boreas? Come along for a fun glimpse of Jack & Rudy towing me on a cruise down Boreas:

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Any other fun to be had along the way? You bet...

Jack & Rudy remember every location where they have seen moose. When we travel by any such location, they will slow and glance for moose. But, they will not stop, just slow enough to scan the terrain. But, today, they came to a dead stop at a previous moose sighting location on Baldy. Clearly the scent of moose was very strong. We did not see any moose; but Jack & Rudy stopping tells you that one was VERY close, just camouflaged in the trees:

"If we stop, the scent of moose is STRONG! Where are you?!?" declares
the intense moose seeking pair.

Finally, how about a parting shot of Breckenridge Ski Resort across the valley from us as we glide on by:

Pretty view of Breck Ski Resort across the valley as Jack and Rudy
cruise along.

Up Baldy, across Baldy to Boreas, down Boreas - fun morning! 8.4 miles traveled with 650 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2020/2021 Season to Date: 48 days on the trails covering 375.3 miles with 33,750 feet of elevation climbed.

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