Monday, March 28, 2011

Chest Deep ... Snownados ... 300 miles ... WOO!

Max & Zorro patiently awaiting hot dogs at the
trailhead. They get hot dogs as a skijoring
reward at our "high point" and "end point" of
every outing.
What a day - we surpassed 300 miles of skijoring for the season today!

What a day - chest deep powder and snownados (see pictures below) on Boreas Pass Rd!

We got a significant dump of new snow overnight (and it has been continuing all day, so far). Max, Zorro & I headed out to skijor 10.4 miles on Boreas Pass Rd.

About 1/2 mile from the trailhead found us breaking trail in "Zorro chest deep" snow (about 9 inches). About 1 mile from the trailhead found us breaking trail in "Max chest deep" snow (about 12 inches). Given the continuing snow and blowing winds, our path was covered on the route down - so we broke trail up & down! Breaking trail in 12-18 inches of "heavy spring powder" for over 8 miles (and 9-18 inches for over 9 miles). That is a LOT of work when you are under 2 feet tall!

I declared recently that Spring was starting to melt our trails and the 3 of us would not miss another snowfall this season (if it snows we go). Since that  declaration, it has snowed about every other day - each storm dropping more snow than the last. I give up, I need a rest - Mother Nature put me in my place...

Vital Stats: 10.4 miles; 2h 55m total time; 2h 30m moving time; 4.2 MPH moving average; 15 MPH top speed; 850 feet of elevation gain (and then loss). Certainly one of our "slower" outings of the season. But, breaking trail for 8+ miles in 12+ inches of powder will definitely slow you down...
Lower sections of Boreas Pass Rd.
Fresh snow, no tracks, breaking trail in "Zorro chest deep" powder!
The "trail" we encountered all day.
No tracks, Max & Zorro cutting trail in 9-18 inches of powder!
A look back at the tracks we plowed up Boreas Pass Rd.
Wait... Do I hear the wind whipping through the trees? A snownado maybe?
Yep - a snownado coming our way up Boreas.
This is the same view as the previous shot, the only difference is the
snownado (tornado-like twirling ball of snow) flying up the trail!
We are now in the middle of the snownado.
Same view as the previous 2 shots but standing in the middle of the
snow tornado this time...
We experienced at least 8 of these snownados during the outing!


  1. Ah, cool! A snowna...wait. Did you say "hotdog"!?!? Really? Hmm... can me and Dave come over and go skijoring with you?!?!
    Play bows,

  2. We'd love to have you and Dave over to play! I think it's supposed to snow all night so we will have even more snow tomorrow!

    Your red twin,