Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Record Day!

Cruising through the upper sections of French Gulch.
No tracks - our trail to blaze!

It was a record day on the trails for Max, Zorro and I on Wednesday...

We hit our top speed of the season: 24 MPH!!!!

We surpassed 250 total miles skijored this season!!!

We reversed one of our usual routes (Sally Barber to French Gulch instead of the reverse). It was a fast packed track for most of the route - up to Sally Barber Mine, down to French Gulch trail, up into French Gulch - all fast packed.  It was not until we got to the last open meadow in the gulch that we hit untouched terrain; this 1+ mile section (out & back) was 4-8 inches to plow through.

All around a FUN, FUN, FUN day on the trails.

Vital Stats: 9 miles; 1h 55m total time; 1h 35m moving time (we had a few "loose dog" moments to stop and maneuver around); 5.7 MPH moving average; 24 MPH top speed!!!!
More "cruising through the gulch" - you may not see a trail,
but Max & Zorro sense it as we truck along.
Max what a pretty & fit sleddog you are!
Max says, "why did we stop, I'm not tired!"
Zorro says, "It's YOUR fault we stopped, I'm gonna bite your neck!"
Max says, "No, it's YOUR fault, I'm gonna body slam you if you come one step closer!"
Brad declares, "STOP WRESTLING! We stopped because *I* am tired! Guess we'll restart since you 2 are recharged!"
Nice view from our break/turnaround point (the last open meadow in French Gulch).
A look back at the fresh tracks we laid in the last open meadow of French Gulch.

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