Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Day

Max & Zorro taking a short break
before we sprint down the hill
from Sally Barber Mine.
Now that we are into Spring, Max, Zorro & I have a new motto: "if it snows - we go (skijoring)!"

As Spring is attacking (melting) our trails, you cherish every new snowfall to replenish the fun. We got about 4 inches on the trails overnight, so the 3 of us were raring to go this morning...

As we hoped, the plows had not attacked French Gulch Rd yet - so we started at the BnB trailhead, skijored up French Gulch Rd to & past the French Gulch winter trailhead and up the gulch to the last of the private cabins. We then reversed and sprinted down French Gulch until the Sally Barber Mine trail; then up to Sally Barber Mine and sprinted down to the Barney Ford trailhead.

We had 3 prolonged stoppages as we waited for groups of people to collect their loose dogs so we could pass. Stop - watch Fluffy run right into the middle of Max & Zorro (thus the reason we had to stop) - listen to the people call Fluffy to "come" (normally he always comes, they always say) - continue to watch Fluffy sniff and poke at Max & Zorro - wait for the people to come get ahold of Fluffy so that we can pass - accept their apology because Fluffy has never not come before and never blocks the trail (yea, right) - resume our skijoring fun.

Vital Stats: 9.2 miles; 1h 55m total time; 1h 35m moving time; 5.8 MPH moving average; 19 MPH top speed; 1,400 feet of elevation gain (and loss ;-).
At our turnaround point in French Gulch.
Max says, "why turnaround - it looks great to continue forward!"
Zorro says, "not quite ready to go yet - need to roll and cool my jets a little more!"
Looking out across the mountains from Sally Barber Mine.
Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is visible (if you look really hard) on the furthest
mountain down the center of this shot.
Zorro says, "Arapahoe Basin - really? Cool, can we skijor to there?!?!!"

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