Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dude - Pay Attention!

Max & Zorro cruising up Boreas Pass Rd.
Untouched 2-4 inches of powder the
whole trip.
As I said in yesterday's post - it's Spring, so if it snows we go! Tuesday night brought another 2-4 inches of powder, so we headed out skijoring today for our second day in a row.

We did an 8.7 mile "up & back" on Boreas Pass Rd. There were no tracks on Boreas from the time we started (it is unusual to have no tracks at the Boreas winter trailhead). Thus, we got to enjoy the 2-4 inches of fresh powder all to ourselves!

On the way down, the human was taking in the beautiful scenery - looking at the valleys and peaks off to his left. Mushing Rule #1 - PAY ATTENTION at all times...

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Max give Zorro a little "shoulder shove of love". This brought a flying shoulder back from "never back down" Zorro and then a Siberian Snowball of Fur tumbled in front of me. Usually I am paying attention and can cut a quick left or right to avoid the Snowball of Fur. Not this time... My left ski went over the gangline, my right ski was in a plow position to stop and I spun 90 degrees to the right and fell. Once I recovered and stood up - Max & Zorro said, "Oh boy, he's up, let's go!" With this jolt forward I realized the gangline was wrapped around my left leg (don't ask me "how" this was possible) - I now had to untangle myself while my 2 partners were leaning forward wanting to Go, Go, Go! Note to self: skip the scenery - watch the trail and Siberian vehicle in front of you!  ;-)

Vital Stats: 8.7 miles; 1h 45m total; 1h 30m moving time; 5.8 MPH moving average; 15 MPH top speed; 800 feet of elevation gain (and then loss).
Nice little incline up Boreas Pass Rd.
Zorro tossing me a glance of, "HEY! Look at the incline - put that camera away!"
Taking a break at our high point on Boreas Pass Rd.
Max says, "It's this the hottest day in history? I'll be rolling in the snow until I cool off."
Note: it was 25 degrees, at most - Siberian Heat Wave.
Look back at our tracks up Boreas.
Note the ski tracks veering to the right (off the trail) - this was my planned "stop & turnaround point".
Notice the husky tracks continuing forward (on the trail) - this was *not* their planed stop/turnaround point!

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