Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exploring Upper Indiana Creek

Frolicking in the snow as we connected
from Indiana Creek onto Boreas Pass Rd.
Silly human needed a break....
Saturday's fun: breaking trail to extend our Indiana Creek to Boreas Pass skijoring route.

As the season has progressed, all of our original "2 hour" trails have been becoming "well under 2 hour" routes, even as low as 1.5 hour routes. Time to start adding to the routes to get back to 2 hour outings...

The Route: Indiana Creek winter trailhead up to & past the Dyersville junction; continue up Indiana Creek and pass the usual sharp left to ascend up to Boreas Pass Rd; break trail up untouched Indiana Creek until eventually connecting with Boreas Pass Rd; sprint down Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas winter trailhead.

Our addition to this "Indiana Creek to Boreas" route was to "pass the usual sharp left" - instead we continued to power up & through Indiana Creek, gradually following a long diagonal until we intersected with Boreas Pass Rd. This addition added just under 1 mile to the traditional route - that ought to get us back to a 2 hour tour, we thought....

The Conditions: 2-5 inches of fresh powder from the start to the Dyersville junction; 4-8 inches of fresh powder (breaking trail through 6-8 inches) from Dyersville to Boreas Pass Rd; packed powder down the more traveled Boreas to the winter trailhead.

Vital Stats: 9 miles; 1h 52m total time; 1h 40m moving time; 5.4 MPH moving average; 14 MPH top speed. Under 2 hours again... we need to redesign our routes to be 10+ mile outings ;-)
Heads down, working hard - breaking trail in upper Indiana Creek.
Heads up from the previous shot.
Boreas Pass Rd is somewhere in the foreground (we don't know where/when yet).
No tracks, untouched terrain - breaking trail without hesitation!
Standing on Boreas Pass Rd, looking back at the trail we blazed up Indiana Creek.

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