Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Definition of Warm

You know it was a warm day when....

When Zorro is doing Snow Angels in the snow to cool off!
Zorro rolling a snow angel in the snow at the trailhead.
Max is the consistent "snow angel husky" in our pack, as he does them regularly - regardless of temperature. Zorro, on the other hand, typically eats snow cones to cool off and rarely does snow angels. But, when it gets hot enough, Zorro realizes snow angels are a more effective cooling tactic than eating snow cones.

It was sunny and 28 degrees when we started our outing today and sunny and 35 when we finished. That is "Siberian Hot", especially when towing a human up, down and around the mountains.

Fun episode of the day... We started at the Swan Road winter trailhead next to Good Times Adventures. Now, recall that Good Times runs Dog Sled Tours on trails in this area. Our intent was to head out and up the South Fork of Swan Road towards Georgia Pass. Good Times runs their tours primarily on the Middle Fork of Swan Road. But, there is an overlap between these 2 routes at the trailhead. Anyway, we were going up the trail near the start when we heard a noise behind us. All 3 of us looked back to see an 8 dog sled (loaded with 2 people) coming up the trail. Max & Zorro exclaimed, "Uh uh, not gonna pass us!" and then took off sprinting up the trail and we started pulling away from the 8 pack! We then got to a fork in the road where we went right to head up the South Fork and the 8 pack turned left to stay towards the Middle Fork. Of course, we were not going to be able to out run an 8 pack for very long; but it had to impress the tourists to see a 2 pack & guy on skis pull away (if only for a short distance before we went separate ways)! Wheeeeee.

When we arrived back at the trailhead, one of the operators of Good Times was coming by on a snowmobile. He stopped to talk to us and said, "That's a nice looking pair of huskies." How flattering to be complimented by someone who runs Siberians professionally!

Vital Stats: 8.5 miles; 95m total time; 85m skijoring time; 19 MPH top speed, 1400 feet of elevation climbed. The only bummer of the outing was that our route got very busy with snowmobiles coming up as we were going down. There are lots of blind corners on this trail, so I never felt "safe enough" to open up the Siberian Throttle and really sprint - too dangerous to encounter a group of snowmobiles when flying around a blind corner.

Of course Max did his snow angels to cool off today too. But, he does snow
angels when its zero degrees...
Zorro laying flat in the snow to cool off while he eats some snow cones. He
hasn't decided to "snow angel" yet, still trying the snow cone approach to
cool off.
Nice shot of the pretty terrain around us and sunny blue skies.

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