Monday, March 26, 2012

Siberian Hot

It was 38 degrees when we started at the Indiana Creek trailhead today. It was 48 when we finished. Phew, those are "Siberian Hot" temperatures...
Everyone taking a quick break before cruising back down to the trailhead.
Our planned route was to head out & up along Indiana Creek for 3 to 4 miles, take a quick break and return the same route. The question would be "would the Spring trail conditions" cooperate with the plan?

For the most part, the answer that question was "yes". But, we did have to remove the skis twice on the way up (and twice on the way down): once to cross over about 20 yards of exposed dirt & rock and once to cross over Indiana Creek. We also had to slow down to navigate over 2 different downed trees (the trees fell in early winter and had been covered in snow until recently). After about 3.3 miles heading out & up, we had to stop and turn around. We had out-skied the common cross country trail and were in a flat meadow with a hard layer of top snow. After skijoring for a bit through this meadow, suddenly Max & Zorro stopped. Then the top layer of snow cracked and a circle about 10 feet around us in all directions and dropped about 3-5 inches. Smart boys sensed this happening and stopped to wait through the "snow shelf" dropping around us. We took a break at this point and then turned around and headed back.
Surveying the terrain around us. A group of squirrels was making noise to our
left - thus the reason both Siberians are intensely looking to the left!
Oh my - a trail casualty at Indiana Creek. You can see the existing tracks where
going over this water hole is the typical trail. We had to go to the right and cross
a few feet down creek instead. Wondering where Zorro is in this picture? Ha, he's
there, just on the other side of tall Max (you can see Zorro's tail, the rest of him is
dwarfed by the tall red boy).
Vital Stats: 6.7 miles; 90m total time; 65m skijoring time (lots of stopped and/or non-skiing time to deal with patches of sketchy terrain); 19 MPH top speed; 1100 feet of elevation climbed.

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