Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Love It When...

I love it when a squirrel, snowshoe hare, or other tasty wildlife jumps on the trail in front of us when we are skijoring uphill - talk about Siberian turbo boost!

There is no feeling as cool as being in a "downhill tuck" while flying uphill - Siberian Power at its best.

Conversely, though, there is nothing I dread like a tasty morsel dropping on the trail in front of us while we are flying downhill. The Siberians do not need a reason to boost their downhill momentum! Thankfully, today's wildlife boost happened on uphill terrain - wheeeeee!

Cruising down Boreas Pass Rd. Note the swath of exposed dirt on the shoulder
ahead and to the left. Even though we were high up on Boreas, this trail is so
sun & wind exposed that it is quickly approaching non-skiable if we do not
get some new snow soon!
It was "spring skijoring" today as we had conditions all over the map: (1) started at Indiana Creek and skijored up a "trail of ice" as we started towards Boreas; (2) moved into nice packed powder as we got further up the trail and past the point most people go; (3) intersected "sun & wind exposed" Boreas Pass Rd for quick sprint down to Bakers Tank; (4) cut up into the backcountry onto one of our "secret & little used" shady trails and enjoyed soft powder for miles; (5) eventually had to return home and got back onto another "trail of ice" to return to civilization. Unfortunately the last part of the final leg was soooo steep and icy that we had to shed the skis and hikejor down (hikejor - human hiking while the Siberians are still in skijor hookup).

Contrast this fun, untouched snow to the photo above. We have a network of
"secret trails" that we use to connect between the busy/packed trails. It is so fun
to get on our own terrain!
Snow Angel Max cooling off in the snow. It was hot enough today that Zorro joined
in the snow angel festivities; but the stupid human hit "delete" instead of "save" after
snapping a photo of Zorro's snow angel antics.
Vital Stats: 8.2 miles; 110m total time; 85m skijoring time (25m for one long break to cool off and time hikejoring down the last stretch of trail); 17 MPH top speed; an exhilarating 1400 feet of elevation climbed! 

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