Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Enough

Just enough new snow on the trails today for us to really open up the Siberian Skijoring Vehicle...

We hit 23 MPH as our top speed flying down the trails in Indiana Creek!

1) Lower Terrain: The Creek!

Our route started at the Indiana Creek winter trailhead and then headed out into the Indiana Creek Gulch. What did we find? The Creek! Eek, that's not supposed to be this visible until late April or May!
"Eeeek! The Creek!" all 3 of us stop to exclaim!
The "spring melt" is officially "on" around the lower sections of Indiana Creek.
Note that there is water to the left and water to the right - Max & Zorro are actually
standing on a "snow bridge" over the middle of the creek. In a few more weeks this
will probably be melted and the trail will require wading the freezing creek!
A little further and we are at the most narrow section of the snow bridge over the
creek. This last little bridge over the creek was barely 2 Siberians wide. A cautious
crossing for all...
2) Mid/Upper Terrain: Fresh Tracks

Once we traversed over & across Indiana Creek, we hung a left and cruised about 1/3 of the way up the trail towards Boreas Pass. We then swung a 180 and sprinted back down into the gulch. Before hitting the exposed creek again, we hung a left and sprinted out & up along the trail that parallels Indiana Creek.

This entire stretch of trail was wonderful! 2-3 inches of fresh, untouched powder found us gliding along laying fresh tracks for miles. Wheeeee!
Mid section of the trail paralleling Indiana Creek. Fresh snow on the otherwise
hard packed trail. Cruising along having a great time.
Far back in the Indiana Creek gulch. A look back at our fresh tracks in the snow.

3) Top Terrain: Snow Angels

At our highest point, we actually found ourselves breaking trail in over 8 inches of powder! We only went 10-20 yards in the deep stuff before taking a break to make some Snow Angels and then head back down to the Indiana Creek winter trailhead.
Beautiful snow angel by Max! Notice the snow all over his back as he just finished
a complete roll in the snow. Nice form!
Max continuing his snow angel antics while Zorro chomps on snow cones in
the background. Max loves doing snow angels to cool off, Zorro loves chomping
down on snow to cool off...
Vital Stats: 7.3 miles; 87m total time; 77m skijoring time; 23 MPH top speed; 1100 feet of elevation climbed. Zoooom - fast day and nice amount of elevation climbed!

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