Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elevation Day

On today's skijor outing we traded mileage for elevation as we ascended (and descended) 1400 feet in a short 7.1 miles.

A peaceful day laying fresh tracks the entire outing!

The route started with a steep climb into a relatively unused plateau high above French Gulch. The steep entry is what keeps most skiers out of this area; but, luckily, I have Siberian Assistance to ascend up into this fun trail system. Once up & into the plateau, it was a fun jog around open meadows laying fresh tracks in the untouched snow. Then we ended with a steep descent off the plateau - the Siberian Assistance is not as appreciated on the steep descent as much as it is on the ascent! :-)

Climbing, climbing, steep climbing. I love Siberian Assistance uphill!
A junction in the trail. The Siberians are thinking "left" looks fun; but the good boys listened
to the "right" command from the musher and happily turned to the right.
Such good listeners!
Breaking out of the thick forest and into this wide open and untouched meadow.
The steep climb is worth it once you get to enjoy this almost isolated plateau all to yourselves!
Stopping to send Nancy a text where to pick us up.
The Siberians' view on this stoppage, "Are you done YET?!?! We are getting
bone rot up here!"
Text sent and an "ok, let's go" called out as my partners happily start hauling me through
the untouched snow again.

A day with the trails completely to ourselves covering 7.1 miles with 1400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 16 MPH.

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