Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fresh Tracks on Boreas Pass

A true rarity today - laying fresh tracks all the way down Boreas Pass!
Whee - just the 3 of us and Boreas Pass all to ourselves! A rare treat!
Boreas Pass is one of the more popular cross country ski trails in Breckenridge. It serves both day trippers and overnighters heading to some of the backcountry huts. So, finding untouched snow for the entire stretch of Boreas Pass is a real rare treat. Factor in that we started our outing on Baldy Mountain and then skied into the backcountry before connecting from Baldy to Boreas and it is quite amazing that Boreas was still untouched by the time we got onto it!

The "Baldy to Boreas" connector is a seldom used trail that almost always requires single file
skijoring as the track is too skinny to jog shoulder-to-shoulder. Notice the "trail wall" is
almost as tall as Zorro - step out of the single track and you sink in multiple feet of snow!

Oh, and the temperatures recovered from yesterday's frigid negatives to a comfortable 10-15 above zero.

"Comfortable!?!? We are ON FIRE!" exclaim Max & Zorro as they partake in their favorite
cool off activities: rolling snow angels for Max and chomping down on snow cones for Zorro.
"Time to turn around? Ok, I'm game." says happy Max.
"Still on fire, one more snow cone first!" expresses Zorro.

A very peaceful & serene day covering 8.6 miles with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 17 MPH as we had the trails all to ourselves connecting Baldy to Boreas & trotting down Boreas.

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