Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trail Breaking Day

It was a "trail breaking day" as we climbed far & high into the backcountry to find Sunday trails all to ourselves!

Climbing a steep section of trail before cresting onto a plateau.
Siberian Uphill Power at its best!
A key thing to note in the previous photo: the trail is steep & deep but my skis are still parallel. This epitomizes the difference between cross country skiing and skijoring with sled dogs. A cross country skier would have the skis fanned out and be in a difficult and very strenuous "duck walk" on terrain like this. A sled dog skijorer, on the other hand, can uphill with parallel skis! Sure I have to help with poling and shuffling my feet; but the difference between poling/shuffling and duck walking is not even comparable. I love my Siberian Uphill Power!

Weekends are typically crowded days on the popular cross country trails; so we tend to go to places less traveled on these busy days. Today was such a day as we headed to one of the most hard to access snow caches high above French Gulch. It is a steep climb to get there; but you are rewarded with miles of untouched snow and the chance to lay fresh tracks on the "main trails" and break trail in 8-12 inches of snow on the "side trails". Highlights of the days action below:

Breaking trail in 10+ inches of snow on a little used side trail. Gangline taut as the
Siberians are working hard to plow through the snow and tow me along.
Laying fresh tracks on the main trail. Snowmobiles occasionally pack down the main trail; but
it is still sufficiently unused to be fresh tracks most days.
More breaking trail in a nice downhill trot & hop in 8-12 inches of snow!
"Great day! Great snow all to ourselves!" express my happy partners as they look back when
I called out to 'wait' while I check the GPS to see whether we have time to go further or
head back to the trailhead.

Stats for the day: 7.2 miles with 1200 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 17 MPH and breaking trail most of the day. A great way to spend a Sunday Funday away from the crowds!

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