Sunday, December 22, 2013

Full Range of Conditions

Another day, another pair of Happy Husky Faces!
"Yes - we are having a GREAT day!" exclaim super happy Max & Zorro.

We experienced the full range of conditions skijoring out & back in Indiana Creek today. From fresh tracks to breaking trail and from set tracks to alone deep in the backcountry, it was a fun day with a little of everything...

Laying fresh tracks in 1-2 inches of snow atop set tracks near the trailhead.
We quickly out-skied the "set tracks" and found ourselves laying fresh tracks on
the untouched trail at lower elevations.
We quickly ascended out of the lower elevations and found ourselves breaking trail
in a vast meadow of untouched snow.
A little more elevation, a lot more depth and it became "single file trail breaking" as
Max & Zorro alternated running lead in 8-12 inches of snow.
The nice thing about breaking trail on the way up is that you get to trot in your snow
trough on the way down!

As the pictures show - a little of everything in Indiana Creek today covering 8.4 miles with 900 feet of elevation gain.


  1. Will woo PLEASE adopt me?

    The Snow Thief stole mine and replaced it with a yard of grass&mud :-(


  2. Khyra - khome on over, we have plenty of snow to share!

    Your buds,
    Max & Zorro