Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowing, Blowing, Going

Snow Covered Siberians
Steady Snow Falling
Siberians Hauling

A nice layer of snow on both the Siberians' backs as we lay fresh tracks along Shrine Pass Rd.

The plan for the day was to make a quick run on Vail Pass. The intended route was to take Shrine Pass Rd until the Lime Creek intersection and then follow snowmobile tracks into the forest and back up to the top of Shrine Pass. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately the snowmobile track we chose started the right direction and then eventually lead us into the middle of nowhere! So we had to backtrack and restart once we got into terrain we recognized. Oops, we did an accidental 10 mile run on what was supposed to be a short & quick day...

"This doesn't feel like the right direction!" I said as I paused to check the GPS.
"It's GREAT - let's keep going this way!!!" says powder happy Max.
"Rub a dub dub, Zorro in a snow tub!" plays silly little Zorro.
I fell for Max's happy attitude and let him lead us further into the forest.
Hmmm, we popped out of the forest and into a meadow we have never seen before.
No idea where we are, the GPS says nowhere near Shrine Pass. Time to retrace our steps.
Finally, back on known terrain. The snow was really starting to pick up, the wind was
starting to gust, I could not keep the camera from getting constant water splotches.
Good thing we are almost done!

A 10.1 mile run on Vail Pass with 1300 feet of elevation climbed and a visit to an unknown meadow in the middle of nowhere :-)

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