Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Boreas Views

Beautiful views from Boreas Pass today as the skies cleared this morning!

My favorite view - sprinting Siberians!
Running fast as we approach the day's finish as the Boreas Pass Trailhead.

The views from Boreas were quite stunning today. I found myself saying, "I've got to check this footage on the GoPro when we get home!" multiple times throughout the day. Here are my top 3 view shots of the day:

(1) Coming out of the forest and onto Boreas Pass Rd at Bakers Tank.
A fun 3-4 inches of powder to hop through as we connect onto Boreas.
White trees and white mountains all around us as the skies are clearing to a bright sun.
(2) Trotting along Boreas Pass Rd as 5 distinct snow-covered peaks come into view.
The Siberians look like they are taking in the views too :-)
(3) Cruising along Boreas as Breckenridge Ski Resort comes into view across the valley.
I swear Max & Zorro are checking out the ski resort too as both are glancing to the left.

To get to the views on Boreas, we took our favorite backcountry connector trail from Baldy Mountain to Boreas Mountain. This is a seldom used trail far back in the forest. I have become increasingly convinced that nobody uses this trail until Max & Zorro break trail first. No matter how long we wait from a recent snowfall, we are always "first tracks" when we arrive at this connector. But, if we go again before another new snowfall, you can see evidence that others use the trail once we first blaze. The world needs Max & Zorro to set the trails for everyone else...
The "Baldy to Boreas" connector trail.
This is how we always find it within days of recent snowfall - everyone is waiting for
Max & Zorro to blaze the trail to bring it back to life.

I had two happy husky faces look back at me when I called out time to turn back towards the Boreas trailhead. Short Zorro was behind tall Max, so I tried to lean to capture both on the GoPro. Unfortunately I did not realize how much I was leaning; so we get this weird angle shot of the happy brothers...
"Having a blast! Can we run all day?" suggest the happy pair.

Breaking trail for the entire length of the "Baldy to Boreas" connector slowed us down a bit compared to our usual Baldy-to-Boreas outing; but no complaints here, fresh March snow is always a welcome event! The outing covered 8.1 miles with 950 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 17 MPH.

2013/2014 Season to Date: 111 days on the trails covering 954.6 miles with 111,300 feet of elevation climbed. 950 miles and counting! Woo Hoo!

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