Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dog Sled Encounters

Today's skijor outing was highlighted by multiple encounters with dog sled teams from Good Times Adventures on the trails.
We have so much fun playing with the dog sled teams!

Anytime we run the trails by Good Times, I have to use a clip of us flying by the
SLOW sign as we approach the end-of-run trailhead.
"Siberians do not speak SLOW!" say the airborne pair :-)

We had run about 6-7 miles before encountering our first team from Good Times. Here is the 8-dog team running along the trail as we watch them go by. Everyone knows that once they go by, we get to place "sprint & chase" - wheeee!
Max & Zorro watching intensely as they prepare to play follow the leader with this team of 8.
Love the wheel dog and the 2 in front of him giving us smiles as they run by...

The team of 8 has just run by and here we go... A fun video clip of us following the team. Watch how many times I have to put on the brakes (snowplow) to keep from overtaking the sled and let the team get some distance in front of us before opening up the throttle again. Oh yea, and a nice "on by" to finish the clip...
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We had some nice "on by" practice today as the trails were busy with teams & tourists from Good Times.
An "on by" clip from the video above.
Nice form as we just glance & go. All smiles from the group of tourists watching the
crazy guy on skis with Siberians glide by.
"On by" number 2. Perfect form again...
"On by" number 3.
Love the Sibe directly to our right singing at us as we go by.
You know he's saying, "Hey, what about me?!?! I want to gooooo!"

All smiles from happy Max & Zorro having a great time chasing, passing and conversing with the dog teams from Good Times!
"FUN day!" states happy Max.
"Fun indeed and we want MORE!" says happy Zorro surveying the trail for more teams.

A great day with some fun "sled dog chase & pass" covering 11 miles with 1050 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2013/2014 Season to Date: 104 days on the trails covering 892.4 miles with 104,000 feet of elevation climbed.

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