Friday, March 7, 2014


It was dumping snow all through our skijor outing today - yippee!!
One of the few shots of the day when the GoPro was clear of water spots!
Big snowflakes falling all around us as we lay fresh tracks into a tight right.

The forecast was for a major storm to hit Breckenridge Thursday night and last through Friday. We all went to bed Thu night with visions of snowflakes dancing in our heads. Well, we awoke Fri morning to only a trace of snow and thought, "Oh No! The forecast was wrong or the storm missed us!" Luckily this was not the case as the storm just arrived about 12 hours later than planned and it was DUMPING snow on us during our entire skijor outing today!

The only drawback of a "dumping day" is it is near impossible to keep the GoPro clear of water spots. Every time I would wipe the lens clear of water, it would reacquire spots within 30 seconds!

Oh well, we will trade a day of bad, water spotted footage for some fresh snow on the trails. Here is about the best I have from the day...
Water spots all over the camera lens.
Big snowflakes falling all around us.
Snow covered husky backs.
Happy huskies jogging along Boreas Pass Rd.
The majority of the footage from the day looked like this, at best!

There are usually crowds as you approach the popular Boreas Pass Trailhead. We always bring smiles to the onlookers...
The Siberians are "all business" as they trot by and bring smiles & happy comments
from the onlookers.

Not the best footage due to a water covered GoPro; but there was good times all day long:
"Love fresh falling snow!" says happy Zorro glancing back as we trot up Boreas Pass Rd.

A snow-filled 9.4 mile outing covering 950 feet of elevation gained and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2013/2014 Season to Date: 102 days on the trails covering 872.7 miles with 101,750 feet of elevation climbed.

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