Sunday, December 7, 2014

Moose Tracks

We had moose tracks to sniff & follow on every trail at Indiana Creek today!
Fresh Moose Tracks!!!
"Must head dunk and inspect!" demonstrate my moose focused partners.

We traversed a few different trails today - from packed to deep and every trail had the same theme: Moose Tracks! Clearly more than one moose had been walking the trails at Indiana Creek earlier this morning as Max & Zorro found the tracks to be fresh everywhere we went! See for yourself:
Packed trail with Moose Tracks to the right.
Max & Zorro are picking up the pace as they sense the tracks intersecting the trail just ahead.
Max trotting in the set single track and Zorro bouncing along in the Moose Track right next
to the single track. "I think I am as big as a moose, so I'll run in the moose track!" says Zorro.
Note that you cannot run in a moose track for long and keep up with your brother in a set single
track; but Zorro kept trying his hardest to run like a moose and keep up :)
Shoulder deep powder with a Moose Track leading the way up the trail!
(notice the moose track in front of Max & Zorro)

We paid a visit to Zorro's favorite old mining cabin far back in Indiana Creek and we discovered the moose had been here too!
"Moose tracks to the left, moose tracks to the front. You check one & I'll check the other!" say
Max & Zorro as they each inspect one of the tracks for freshness and direction.
"Hey, my favorite cabin!" states happy Zorro glancing to his cabin to the upper left.
"And moose like it too, nice cabin bro!" says Max glancing to the left as well.

A moose seeking day in Indiana Creek covering 7 miles with 850 feet of elevation climbed.

2014/2015 Season to Date: 31 days on the trails covering 251.4 miles with 27,150 feet of elevation climbed.

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