Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dive and Dunk

Fun shot from the front of the happy sled dogs towing me through the powder to end this morning's run!
Happy, hard-working sled dogs!
Rudy heard that people were impressed with his "rodent swan dive" yesterday, so he decided to give everyone another today :) We were gliding along the trail when Jack suddenly launched himself into the deep snow to search for rodents. As soon as Rudy saw what Jack was doing he turned and launched himself into the rodent search party too.
"What did you find Jack?!?!?!" asks Rudy as he dives to join the rodent hunt.
What happens when you dive into deep snow? Well, you get submerged :)  Can you find Jack & Rudy in the following photo?
"Kids, kids, kids - what to do with them?" asks Zorro not falling for the silly rodent hunt.
If you look closely you see Jack's black head just above the snow and behind him is a small piece of Rudy's back from the otherwise buried rodent diving Rudy.

Ok, silly rodent diving from the kids done, now back to skijoring. We did an out & back on the Harrison Creek Trail at Rabbit Ears Pass. There was 8+ inches of new snow on the trails and a single snowmobile had gone up the trail before us. Here's a nice shot of the trio towing me along:
Fast trio having fun towing me along - wheeee!
A single snowmobile track over a lot of new snow makes for a fun albeit very soft trail. Come along and watch as the trio tows me along the soft trail. Nice work by Zorro, Jack & Rudy!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

At our turnaround point of the outing - everyone having a good time?
"YES - a BLAST!" declares the happy sled dogs. Smiles all around!
The soft terrain made for a somewhat short (distance-wise) but very aerobic (energy-wise) day: 5.2 miles traveled with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 29 days on the trails covering 187.5 miles with 19,350 feet of elevation climbed.

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