Friday, December 30, 2011

542 miles in 2011

High up on Boreas Pass Rd - nice deep snow. We just
finished our quick break and the Siberians are raring to go!
Today was our last skijoring outing of 2011. What did we accomplish for the year? Well, between Jan-May 2011 (of the 2010/2011 season) and Oct-Dec of this 2011/2012 season:

1) Days on the trail in 2011: 68.
2) Miles skijored in 2011: 542.7 - Woo!

2011 was a good year, just ask Max & Zorro.

Today's outing started a little on the slow side. We did an intense 9 miles with trail breaking and almost 1800 feet of elevation climbed yesterday; and Max & Zorro clearly started out pacing themselves for another intense day. I had a much easier route planned, but still let them set their comfortable pace. About 1.5 miles into the outing and the "pace" took a 180...

Cruising uphill on Baldy Mountain, a snowshoe hare popped out of a cluster of bushes and sprinted parallel with our trail. The silly rabbit was only about 10 feet off the trail and not very far in front of us. He sprinted parallel with the trail for maybe 10-15 yards before disappearing deep off into the woods. The Siberians, you wonder - BOOM, pedal to the metal! We broke out into a sprint for that 10-15 yards and then a dive off the trail. It took all my strength to reel them back onto the trail by the gangline. We then had a short discussion about "forward" and "stay on the trail" and I was able to get the hare focused pair going forward again. But, our pace was now changed from "pace yourself for a long day" to "bunny alert, pace yourself for rabbit food!" The next 6-7 miles of our outing was run with the Siberians on "bunny alert". See for yourself and watch the video below of our final approach to the Boreas Pass winter trailhead - we are flying!

Today's Route: (1) Start at the Baldy Mountain Rd winter trailhead and skijor up Baldy until intersecting with Forest Service Road 5281B; (2) Take FR5281B up & across the front side of Baldy Mtn until taking a side trail to connect us to Bakers Tank trail on Boreas Mtn; (3) Skijor up Bakers Tank trail until intersecting with Boreas Pass Rd; (4) Sprint up Boreas Pass Rd for about a 1.5 miles before taking a break in some nice deep snow; (5) Turnaround and sprint all the way down Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas winter trailhead.

Vital Stats: 8.2 miles; 92m total time; 72m skijoring time; 22 MPH top speed; 800 feet of elevation gain.

The 20 minutes of "stoppage" - well, my darned phone was acting up again. I intended to text Nancy when we were 40 minutes from our end point. I ended up having to stop about every 10 minutes to try and get a text to go through (they kept failing) - so, 4 stops to take off the glove, dork with the phone and hope for a successful text. Argh... "Why is this dumb phone is causing such interruptions in our downhill sprints!?!" signed, Max & Zorro.

Near the start point on Baldy Mountain - quite a difference in snow depth when
compared to the first photo above with us in deep snow high up on Boreas!
"Here little bunny, come this way. Nothing but us gentle huskies on the trail."
"I love deep snow!" signed Max.
"I love burying my head in deep snow!" signed Zorro.

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