Thursday, December 22, 2011

All We Want for Christmas is MORE Snow

Zorro, looking up to the sky, "Santa? Is that you coming
early? I've been a good boy and all I want for Christmas
is MORE SNOW (and lots of it). Thanks and Wooooo!
We were supposed to have a big dump of snow last night and into today. What did we get? A measly 3 inches at the lower elevations and around 6 inches as you went up in elevation. Boo!

All we want for Christmas is MORE snow!

It was a chilly & fast outing today. The temperature was 3 degrees when we started with a brisk wind. As our route was a climb up, that just meant dropping temperatures and more exposure to the wind. As a result, we do not have any "skijoring action" shots or videos today - none of the human hands were willing to shed a glove for camera operation.

The "Siberian viewpoint" on the day? Beautiful conditions! Not too hot, not too windy - just a perfect, cool & breezy 3 degree (and below) day... The conditions made for a nice, fast sprint outing. Although, the wimpy human shortened it to under 1.5 hours - "Why didn't we go for 2 to 3 hours?!?!" asked Max & Zorro.

 The Route: (1) Start at the Barney Ford trailhead to the Sally Barber Mine trail; (2) skijor up to Sally Barber Mine; (3) sprint down the other side of Sally Barber to French Gulch; (4) hang a right and skijor up and out French Gulch into the last open meadow in the gulch (just past the last private cabin); (5) feel the bone-chilling wind gusts in this meadow and quickly backtrack for shelter to take a quick break and turnaround; (6) sprint back down French Gulch to the French Gulch winter trailhead.

Vital Stats: 7.8 miles; 85m total time; 75m skijoring time; 23 MPH top speed; 1000 feet of elevation climbed.

We retreated from the windy open meadow in the upper section of French Gulch
to take a break here. Max & Zorro are unimpressed, "You can't possibly mean we
are turning around already? Let's go this way, it was beautiful Siberian conditions!
Nice collection of "natural Christmas trees" with light snow cover.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....
Finished at the French Gulch winter trailhead. Max & Zorro patiently
waiting for their "hotdog treats" they get after each outing. Such patient
good boys!

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