Sunday, December 11, 2011

Angel Max

Sunny day + temperatures reaching the low 20s +
skijoring up a steep 1650 foot trail = Max was
on fire - gotta "snow angel" in the snow to put
out the fire.
We had a very energetic day skijoring up, down and around Baldy Mountain today.

As you can see from the pictures to the left, Max was quite into "snow angeling" at our high point to cool himself off before heading back down.

Our outing consisted of 4 distinct phases of activity:

(1) Skijor up Baldy Mountain, ascending up 1650 feet in about 3 miles - steep & exhilarating!

(2) Skijor back down about 1.5 miles of the same path. If it was steep up, well then it was steep down! Luckily this upper section of the trail had some good powder to help slow down the Siberian downhill sprinting machine!

(3) Cut off the main trail and go exploring an untouched side trail. This found us breaking trail in 10-20 inches of untouched powder for the next mile - deep & exhilarating!

(4) Connect back to the main trail for the final 1.5 miles back down. This part of the trail is well-traveled - hard packed powder to ice to exposed rocks the whole way down. Try skijoring down a steep & frictionless (icy or hard packed) trail with 2 Siberian sprinters... I was in a full snowplow the whole way down to keep under control. Needless to say, my thighs and knees are burning! Phew, need a hot bath this afternoon ;-)

Vital Stats: 7.1 miles; 115m total time; 85m skijoring time (15m break/equipment time, 15m hiking over exposed terrain on the lower parts of the trail); 18 MPH top speed; 1650 feet of elevation gain!

Zorro taking a break and snacking on the snow. He did not catch on fire
like Max today, just needed a big snow cone at our break point.
Starting out on the untouched & deep side trail. This section found us
breaking trail in 10-20+ inches of powder!
A look back at our last stretch of terrain high up on Baldy Mountain.
A shot of Breckenridge Ski Resort from our high/break point on Baldy.

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