Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Siberians at Rest

Happy Huskies approaching the finish line.
Notice the nice form - both front right legs
forward in unison, both front left legs back
in unison!
Finish this sentence: Siberians at rest tend to ...

Standard physics: Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

Siberian physics: Siberians at rest tend to exponentially build their energy supplies.

I caught a bad cough Saturday morning, so we took Sat, Sun & Mon off from skijoring. Of course Max & Zorro got a daily 1-2 hour walk; but that is "at rest" for Siberians in the winter months. "We got snow - need to go!" they say. The consequence: the Siberians "at rest" built a 3-day skijoring reserve. The result: we hit 24 MPH skijoring out on Vail Pass today!

The Route: (1) Start at the Vail Pass winter trailhead to the Vail Pass Recreation Area; (2) skijor up Shrine Pass Rd; (3) hang a left and follow the Shrine Bowl trail for a while; (4) take a break; (5) return the same path.

The Conditions: We kept on the established snowmobile trails today - I did not want to overtax the recovering human. Snowmobile tracks are a Siberian sprint track. We were flying around the trails all day.

Vital Stats: 7.3 miles; 95m total time; 75m skijoring time (20m of short breaks and navigating all the skier/snowmobile traffic near the trailhead); 24 MPH top speed; 1150 feet of elevation gain.

Max doing his typical "snow angel roll" in the snow to cool off at our break point.
Notice the nice hole in the snow just in front of Zorro (in front of the "V" in
the gangline). Zorro just dug this quick hole and then stepped back to
admire his work.
Zorro exclaims, "Nice work self, time to dig deeper!"
In comes Max, "Hey bro, what ya got down there? Let me help!"
On the approach back to the trailhead. I had stopped to send Nancy a text that
we'd be arriving soon. Max & Zorro, "Well, if you are going to be dorking with
that silly phone, we've got some serious exploration to do in the deep snow off
the side of the trail. Digging for Rodents!!!!!

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