Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh My God

Spectators say... "Oh My God!"

The video above has a nice action shot of Max, Zorro and I flying down Boreas Pass Rd today. The spectators, who just happened to be on the trail, talking in the background are hilarious (you may have to max your computer volume to hear them).

Spectator 1: "Look at these dogs!"
Spectator 2: "Oh My God!"

That pretty much sums up the reaction we get when people encounter us skijoring out on the trails, especially when we are cruising at a good speed like above -- "Oh My God!" ... or something very similar to that.

Today was a 10 mile sprint day up and down Boreas Pass Rd. The majority of the trail was packed powder to 3 inches of fresh powder - a Siberian Sprint Track. The only bummer section was a swath of exposed rocks on the lower section of the trail - this required me to hop off the skis on the way up & down and hike over the exposed terrain until we could restart.

Annoying encounter of the day: We were flying down Boreas, nearing the last mile of trail, and came around a blind corner to find a dumb, stupid, annoying loose dog far down the trail. What did ole Fluffy do upon seeing us: (1) bark, bark, bark! (2) charge at us; (3) bark, bark, bark; (4) charge to about 10 yards in front of us - hackles up, teeth baring. I quickly moved Max & Zorro off the trail and put myself between stupid Fluffy and Max & Zorro. Look around - no human in sight... Sit there listening to Fluffy bark and growl... Eventually the dumb, stupid, annoying human comes around the corner. "Come Fluffy!" he calls - Fluffy doesn't budge - repeat this for the entire time it takes stupid man to walk up to Fluffy. As he finally arrives he says, "Sorry, Fluffy always comes; but it's ok - he is friendly." Friendly????? barking, hackles raised, teeth baring? Hmm, guess I don't understand friendly. Oh well, Fluffy and stupid man finally went by and Max, Zorro and I were able to restart down the trail.

Vital Stats: 10.1 miles; 115m total time; 75m skijoring time (40m of hiking the exposed section up & down, taking a quick break at the halfway point, adjusting equipment and way too much time sitting on the side of the trail waiting for stupid man); 19 MPH top speed; 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Cruising up the upper sections of Boreas Pass Rd.
2-3 inches of fresh powder over the packed trail to enjoy!
We stopped about 5 miles up Boreas to take a quick break, adjust the human's
gear and then sprint back down. Apparently the human took too long to do his
thing. I looked up to find Max & Zorro with their heads BURIED in the deep
powder off the side of the packed trail! 
Nice view of our "fresh tracks" coming up Boreas. Fun, fun fun...

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