Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little Mount Everest

Max & Zorro looking at an old abandoned mining cabin off
to the left of the trail; both thinking, "Hey, what a nice cabin,
can we live here? Great snow, great yard!!!
I noticed that we passed 29,100 feet of uphill skijoring this season on our last outing. The significance of 29,100, you wonder? Well, Mount Everest is 29,029 feet tall. So....

Max, Zorro and I skijored the equivalent of going up (and back down) Mount Everest in our first 25 days on the trail this season! 

Is this a formula for scaling Everest? One set of cross country skis, one pair of Siberian Huskies and skijor 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day - do this and you will have scaled Everest and traversed back down in just 25 days. Cool... ;-)

Back to today's outing, we did quite a bit of climbing around Indiana Creek - skijoring up a total of 1750 feet in elevation on the route.

(1) First Leg: start at the Indiana Creek winter trailhead and skijor up to the high point between Indiana Creek and Pennsylvania Creek; do a little loop at this summit and then sprint back down the same route.

(2) Second Leg: as we reconnected from the Pennsylvania Creek trail into Indiana Creek, take a right and shoot straight out & up the gulch containing Indiana Creek. Continue out the gulch until we arrived at the abandoned mining cabin in the photo above. We were breaking trail in 6-12 inches of untouched powder this entire leg! Take a quick break at this cabin and then sprint down to the Indiana Creek winter trailhead.

(3) Third Leg: our typical outing involves us sending Nancy a text when we are 20-40 minutes from the finish point; she then brings the warm Jeep to pick us up. We sent the text today, but it never arrived on her phone... Thus, we got to our intended finish with no ride home. No problem, it was snowing pretty hard as we arrived at the trailhead and (the normally plowed) Indiana Creek Rd was skiable! So, send Nancy another text to confirm we are "done" and then ask Max & Zorro, "Anyone want to continue down the road?" Ha, ever heard a Siberian turn down more exercise!?! Nope, so we reset our gear and skied another mile or so down Indiana Creek Rd until meeting Nancy and the Jeep coming up the road. What a nice "bonus leg" to finish the outing!

Vital Stats: 9.1 miles with 1750 feet of elevation gain! 130m total time; 110m skijoring time (20m of breaks and futzing with the phone to secure a ride home); 22 MPH top speed.

A real nice video of our start today. Swoooosh - off we go!

Fun shot of our "fresh tracks".

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