Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday Bash

Today is Max's birthday and we had a real Siberian Skijor Birthday Bash to celebrate.
The photos in today's blog list everything Max got for his birthday - it was a great day!
"Wow - what a birthday! I am not sure what was my favorite gift: moose, dog teams, 26 mph,
11 miles, snow angels - I loved them ALL!" exclaims happy 6 year old Max.
(1) Present 1: speed & distance:
26 MPH - our top speed of the season!
10.6 miles - a great time touring packed trails!
"Both of these presents were GREAT!"
(2) Present 2: a MOOSE!
Look to the upper left of this photo - that is a MOOSE in the snow field just off the trail.
This was by far the BIGGEST moose I have ever seen - it was MASSIVE!
"A moose for my birthday - wow! But why didn't the silly human let us chase it?" :-)
(3) Present 3: Dog teams from Good Times:
Look closely at the top left of the photo - you see an "8 pack" of Siberians from Good Times
pulling a sled for the tourists. We were skijoring on the trails also used by Good Times today, we
had numerous encounters with their dog sled tours.
"I could pull that sled!" says an observant Max.
(4) Present 4: snow angels:
Sure, Max rolls a snow angel on 50-75% of our outings. But, would a birthday be complete
without a roll in the snow - clearly not!
(5) Present 5: speed
Airborne, out-stretched, sprinting Siberians. I think 26 MPH was probably Max's favorite
present. Had I let him chase that moose, then we would certainly have had a different
favorite present :-)
Our route for the day took us to the Swan Valley Recreation Area - a nice network of packed trails shared with dog sled and snowmobile tours. We went out & back on the Middle Fork trail and then up & down a portion of the South Fork trail.

Tally for the day: 10.6 miles, 1400 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 26 MPH and numerous "birthday gifts" for Max!


  1. What a cool adventure! I have a siberian husky also and I've always wondered how he would do pulling a sled, etc.

    1. I have found that if you hookup a Siberian with another that already knows "sledding" then the light bulb goes off immediately and they know this is what they were born to do!

  2. Happy Birthday, Max!!!

    1. "Thanks!" from Max - it was a spectacular day!