Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home to Deep

Another day, another trail to break....
A few miles from home and we are "off the streets" and onto the backcountry
trails. It is up & deeper from here on out!
Keeping with the theme of the past 2 days... We had "fast to deep" on Friday, "steep to deep" on Saturday and today we used "home to deep" to continue our string of breaking trail in deep snow.

A few times a year, it snows enough overnight and is still snowing hard the next morning for "street skijoring". When this happens, the plows cannot keep up with the snowfall and the roads are full of fresh & fun snow before the day's traffic can get out on the streets. We use these extreme snowfall mornings to simply open the garage door and skijor out our driveway to the trailhead. Typically we drive for 10-20 minutes to get to the backcountry trailheads that we use; but on special days like today, we simply ski out the driveway and onto the streets to skijor directly to the trailhead. Oh what fun! See the progression below:

Out of the driveway and onto the streets - skijoring to the trailhead closest to home!
Look both ways and then cross busy Boreas Pass Rd into one of the many skier
parking lots. On the other side of this lot is the trailhead closest to home - almost there...
Ah... Through the parking lot and onto the trails. How fun to skijor straight from
the garage to the trails!
Once onto the trails it was up and into deeper backcountry snow.
Breaking trail in about 18 inches of powder along this section!
Thus the title of today's blog: Home to Deep!
Still breaking trail up & into the backcountry. A narrow & deep trail, so tall Max has
taken over the job of "trail breaking lead".
Max taking a "break" as he lets Zorro pass to take over trail breaking duties - Wheee!
A fun short day leaving the car behind and launching the skijoring fun right outside the garage: 6.8 miles, 1100 feet of elevation climbed and a mild top speed of 16 MPH (too deep for "fast" on the trails and too dangerous to go any faster than this on the streets).

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