Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Narrow Trails

We spent most of today skijoring on "narrow trails" - either "1 Siberian wide" or barely "2 Siberians wide". Our reward for navigating such technical terrain is pictured below:

Uncorking the "skijoring engine" once we hit a wide open trail. Wheeeeee!
Our terrain breakdown went as follows: (1) about 1/3 of the outing on trails only 1 Siberian wide (single file skijoring); (2) about 1/3 of the outing on trails barely 2 Siberians wide (trotting & jogging skijoring); and (3) about 1/3 of the outing on wide packed trails, as shown above (sprint skijoring).

Single track trail - only 1 Siberian wide, so we need to single-file skijor.
Max driving the team while Zorro jogs in second position.
If you step out of the single track, you will sink in 2+ feet of snow!
Still cruising along a single track trail.
Zorro now driving the team while Max jogs in second slot.
"Aah - still narrow but '2 Siberians wide' - time to kick up the speeds a notch!"
As we transitioned out of the narrow trails and onto wide-open Boreas Pass Rd, Max & Zorro took a quick opportunity to "cool off" and Max demonstrated a new multi-tasking skill:
Our usual "cool off" antics: Max rolling a snow angel and Zorro chomping down on
snow cones.
"Touche' - look at me rolling angels AND eating snow cones! I am one talented
Siberian!" demonstrates multi-tasking Max :-)
A fun, short day navigating narrow trails until we were able to go full throttle on the final wide section of trail: 7.1 miles, 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

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