Monday, February 18, 2013

Have You Seen Our Moose

A nice cover of 2-3 inches of snow fell overnight.
We got up early to be first on the trails and lay fresh tracks for over 10 miles!
Laying fresh tracks as we glide up the South Fork trail in Swan Valley.
While "laying fresh tracks" is always a highlight, the Siberians had a more important focus for the day: "Have You Seen Our Moose?"

We were on the same trails as yesterday for most of today's outing. Well, of course, one of the highlights of yesterday was a spectacular sighting of one of the biggest moose I have ever seen. This event from yesterday had Max & Zorro peeking in anticipation at every meadow we encountered. The pictures will show what I mean...

"Look at me - I can sprint and check for moose at the same time!" demonstrates
a talented Max.
"No need to break stride - just peek to the left as we come around a corner to a new
meadow... Here moose, here moose, where are you?" say Max & Zorro.
"Oh, big meadow to the left. Where is that BIG moose?" ponder the left glancing pair.
"Another meadow, another peek to the right. Where is that moose?!?" questions Zorro.
Ok, I think you get the idea. I could show a "moose peek shot" from either Max, Zorro or both for every corner we rounded and every meadow we encountered. What a pair of moose seeking lunatics!

Occasionally, though, we did have nice stretches of "little to no moose potential" - then it was back to fast & fresh tracks skijoring :-)

No blind corners, no open meadows ... No moose potential so off we go!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

10.5 miles with a top speed of 23.8 MPH on our "moose seeking"
outing for the day.
A great day laying fresh tracks and searching for moose: 10.5 miles, 1450 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of roughly 24 MPH.

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