Saturday, February 16, 2013

Windy Summit

Today's skijor outing can be summarized by 3 highlights:
(1) Our longest single skijor run ever - 15.7 miles! Woo!
(2) One of our windiest sections of trail ever around the Boreas Summit. Brrrr!
(3) An extremely calm and peaceful trail as long as we stayed below tree line. Wheee!

Coming "out of the woods" to connect onto Boreas Pass Rd at Bakers Tank.
Once we got on Boreas, the wind was tolerable gusts until we got above tree line and
it changed to a constant blow with huge gusts.
The photos (and video) of the day display these 3 highlights:

Having a great time cruising the trail to Bakers Tank. We are completely sheltered
from the wind by the trees - little did I know we'd hit some of our strongest winds
to skijor in when we got to the Boreas Summit.
[watch on youtube if now video loads below]

The #1 highlight of the day - our longest single skijor run ever. Almost 16 miles! Fun!
Approaching the Boreas Summit. The "haze" you see along the ground is blowing snow as
the wind was gusting into the 40 mph range! The "exposed road" to the right is not from
lack of snowfall (we've had 2 feet of snow in the last week), but it is an indication of how
windy it has been at the Boreas Summit.
A little closer to the Summit, even more blowing snow all around us.
Taking a glance as the "Boreas Summit" sign before quickly dipping down the other side
of the summit to get out of the intense wind!
On our initial path back down from the Windy Summit. You can still see the haze of
blowing snow all around us. We are skijoring head-on into the wind at this point - see
the Siberians' ears pinned back as they drive into the strong gusts.
All around, what a great day: 15.7 miles, 1600 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 17 MPH and some incredibly strong winding blowing around the Boreas Summit.

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