Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fast Day

The usual "full attention" as we hand out the "end of run" treats this morning :)
"You have our COMPLETE attention!" declares the focused & happy trio.
We gave Zorro most of the day off this morning and added him to the team for a short & fun finish to the day.

I started the day with young Jack & Rudy on backcountry trails but we quickly dropped onto the wide groomed trails of Gold Run Nordic Center. We have learned this year that if you get to the upper elevation trails before 9am then you are typically first (or at worst second) tracks on the freshly groomed terrain. Today was just as planned as we dropped out of the forest onto the highest elevation nordic trail and found the fresh groomie zoomie all to ourselves!!!
Zooming along the freshly groomed fast trail!
Come along for today's short video clip showcasing us topping 22 MPH as we are first tracks on the freshly groomed trail. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We skijored a couple of loops at the nordic center and also added one "out & back" trail for more distance. Of course, "out & back" means you stop to turnaround at some point. Love this "pot calling the kettle black" look from Jack to Rudy:
"Really? Must you roll at every turnaround?" says 'pot calling the kettle black' Jack.
"Rub a dub dub, you know you want to join!" replies rolling Rudy.
About 5 seconds later and, yep, you guessed it :)
"I rest my case!" says Rudy walking off to restart our run.
"Ok, ok, I guess I DO want to join!" demonstrates 'I always roll' Jack.
It was a very "moosey" day on the trails. We saw lots of moose droppings on and nearby the trail. I was on high alert as I could see Jack & Rudy's moose sensors were ON and they clearly smelled moose in the air. After rolling snow angels at our one turnaround point, the kids then noticed some moose tracks leading off the trail and into the forest.
"Sniff, sniff, I think these moose tracks are FRESH!" says moose inspector Jack.
"Scanning, scanning...." adds moose surveying Rudy.
Despite Jack & Rudy's moose sensors being ON most of the day, we never actually saw any moose. Oh well, time to go fly by skiers if we cannot fly by moose :)
"Hi... bye!" says the flirtatious pair running by a guy coming up the trail.
A little further along and I got confirmation that the moose sensors were accurate. The guy on the snowmobile is an employee of the nordic center and he was out putting closed signs on a couple of side trails saying the following, "Trail closed due to heavy moose activity in the area!" Wow!
"Hi dude - which way to the moose?" asks Jack & Rudy as they run on by.
Finally, back near the trailhead and we added our favorite older brother for a fantastic threesome to end the morning's run:
"Whee - love running as three!" says the happy trio.
A fast day laying first tracks with lots of "moosing" but no actual moose sightings: 7 miles traveled with 450 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 117 days on the trails covering 794.8 miles with 72,750 feet of elevation climbed.

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