Monday, March 16, 2020


All smiles during our quick break on the perfect trails this morning!
Such happy, happy sled dogs!!!!
Our skijor this morning took us on the trails near Muddy Creek and Dumont Lake atop Rabbit Ears Pass. We were thrilled to find the main trails freshly groomed. An absolute beautiful day to be on perfect trails!

If you are wondering who grooms this terrain, it is the Routt Powder Riders snowmobile club. We are members of the club too as membership provides them funds to do the trail maintenance and grooming. I always love filling out the questionnaire during signup every year and answering the question "How many snow machines do you have?" My answer is THREE. Mine may use meat for fuel instead of gasoline, but they are definitely full blown snow machines! :)

We started the morning with Jack, Rudy and I skijoring about 1/2 the outing before picking up Zorro for the second half. A perfect way to exercise the kids while still giving elder Zorro his proper exercise. How perfect was it? Well 24 MPH perfect for Jack & Rudy:
24 MPH skijoring machine - wheeee!
The kids and I did a quick out & back on a side trail on the way to pickup Zorro. Well, you guessed it, out & back means a turnaround stop and antics from the kids:
"You stop, we roll!" demonstrate the synchronized snow rolling goofs.
Half way into the outing and we picked up Zorro and turned around to head back the way we came. Zooming with the power trio:
Beautiful shot of the beautiful morning and beautiful sled dogs!
We were on wide open terrain for much of the day as you see in all the photos above. But, eventually we had to turn into the trees to get back to the trailhead. Come along for some "in & out" of the sun & shade skijoring fun as we are heading to the finish of the day's run:
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

All smiles as we come out of the trees and arrive at the trailhead parking lot.
Such a HAPPY foursome (I'm smiling too :)
Finally, the usual focused & happy faces for our 'end of run' treats:
"We had a GREAT day!" declares the happy trio.
A beautiful morning to take my snow machines for a run on the trails groomed by our snowmobile club :)  6.9 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 122 days on the trails covering 827.9 miles with 75,400 feet of elevation climbed.

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