Friday, March 13, 2020

Ready, Set, Go

Jack rolling a snow angel on top of Rudy - what pair of goofball kids!
The "conjoined snow angel kids" at it again :)
We started this morning's skijor in the backcountry with Jack & Rudy before adding Zorro on the trails of Gold Run Nordic Center to finish the outing. A nice long run for the kids with a gentle (but fast) finish with Zorro.

Here we go to start the skijor with Jack & Rudy towing me along a backcountry trail that weaves through the forest:
Zoom we go as 7 of 8 feet are off the ground (Rudy's back left is barely touching ground :)
Come along for today's skijor start. We begin with Jack & Rudy waiting patiently in front of me (what good boys) until I give the "Ok, let's go guys" at which point they line out and take off and we go speeding off into the forest. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We spent an extended time in the backcountry this morning. As a result, we got some nice views of Breckenridge Ski Resort when we got into a clearing of the trees:
Nice view of the ski resort across the valley and nice view
of fast running Jack & Rudy!
Eventually, we dropped out of the forest and onto the groomed trails of Gold Run Nordic Center. Once we hit the groomie zoomie trails, Jack & Rudy uncorked the skijor engine to top 23 MPH as their top speed for the day. Zoom, zoom!
The flying kids hovering over the trail as they top 23 MPH!
As I mentioned above, once on the nordic center trails we could meet up with Zorro and Nancy and add Zorro to the team for a fast & fun group finish to the day:
All smiles from the power trio towing me to then end of the outing!
Finally, some well-earned 'end of run' treats for all:
"Remember, me first!" says Zorro :)
"You have my full attention!" adds cute Jack locking eyes with me.
"What a fun day!" adds cute Rudy.
A peaceful day in the backcountry with Jack & Rudy, then a fast day on groomed nordic trails with the 2 kids and finally a fast & powerful sprint to the finish with elder Zorro added in: 8.1 miles traveled with 600 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 23 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 119 days on the trails covering 807.7 miles with 73,750 feet of elevation climbed.

Passing 800 miles for the season! Woo Hoo! 900, here we come - 1000, you are in our sights!!!

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