Thursday, March 5, 2020

Three, Two, Three

What a beautiful bluebird morning to glide along the Blue River Recreation Path with my beautiful partners!
Happy sled dogs, beautiful morning! Wheeee!
Skijoring the rec path is a fun outing as we are able to add Zorro on the team in the beginning and end of the outing with Jack & Rudy running longer in between. Most of our split outings where Zorro participates for only part of the run have Zorro either starting or ending with us but not both as most trails do not have a lot of convenient places to drop or add Zorro with Nancy. But, the rec path is the opposite as it intersects many roads where we can drop Zorro with Nancy or pick him back up. Fun to have elder Zorro on the team for both the start & finish while still giving Jack & Rudy a longer outing!

Come along and watch the start to today's outing. We begin with a burst and then slow slightly to gently cross a bridge and then open it back up once over and clear of the bridge. Wheeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

As you see in the video and first photo, Zorro came along for the start. We dropped him with Nancy at the first intersection along the trail. I then continued on with Jack & Rudy to zoom along the perfect trail on a perfect morning:
Zoom we go on the perfect groomed trail! Love the "snow poofs" behind
their feet as they propel me along!
While the road intersections provide lots of opportunities to grow or shrink the team, they also make for stops to remove the skis, cross the road and put the skis back on. It only takes me about 20 or at most 30 seconds to remove or reattach the skis. But, a stop is a stop to Jack & Rudy regardless of how long or short.

Stop for skis off, kids roll.
"It's a stop, we roll!" demonstrates the goofball twins.
You can see the road we need to cross to the right.
Cross the road, put the skis back down to reattach...

Stop for skis on, kids roll.
"A stop is a stop, of course we roll!" they demonstrate once again.
Go, stop for skis off & roll, cross, stop for skis on & roll, go (repeat, repeat, repeat :)

After an out & back along the rec path with Jack & Rudy, we met up with Zorro & Nancy again to re-add Zorro for the run to the finish. Back to the powerful & happy three pack:
All smiles as the power trio tows me along to the finish.
Back to the bridge from the start video above and another gentle cross before ending the morning's fun run.
Pretty sled dogs, pretty views!
A unique outing skijoring as a 3 pack, 2 pack and then 3 pack again: 6.4 miles traveled with 400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2019/2020 Season to Date: 113 days on the trails covering 765.0 miles with 70,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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