Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are You Ready Yet?

"BOOOORRRRING - would you get ready!"
expresses impatient Max at the trailhead.
Slow human, are you ready to go YET?!?!!

Sometimes I take a little "too long" (for Max) to get the skis on and turn the Siberian Skijoring Engine loose.

Max is quick to let me know when I am being slow. He will usually start with a big yawn to express, "BORING - are you ready yet?"

If the yawn doesn't speed me up enough, he will transition into a few sighs, "Oh man, will the human ever be ready to go?"

When the sighs do not work, he then transitions into a flat out lecture, "Awoo woo woo wum, arr arrr woo wum!" (translation: "I am about to leave without you, you are way toooo slow!")

I was given the full spectrum of yawns, sighs and lectures this morning as I was clearly taking way too long to get my equipment set to go.

There is an additional consequence to being subjected to the full Max lecture process - Siberians at rest build exponential energy reserves. The result is two huskies shooting out of a cannon when I finally get around to saying, "Ok, let's go!' - BOOM & ZOOM!

I finally got my equipment on and released the beasts.
It is 100% "shoulders into the harnesses - gotta MOVE that human!"

My slow start set a precedent for the entire day. It was fast & wild all over the snowmobile trails in Swan Valley. We had just enough new snow on the trails to make them safe to uncork the Siberians and, boy, did they get into a speed mode today!

Airborne, sprinting wild men :-)

This video captures the theme of the day - endless & fast skijoring all over the trails.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

The majority of the day was spent on packed snowmobile trails covered with 1-3 inches of
fresh snow. But, we also got to enjoy the occasional "untouched side trail" with more snow
all to ourselves - as shown above.

Did I mention my slowness lead to a fast & energized day: 11.5 miles with 1350 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

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