Friday, November 8, 2013

Top Speed: 23 MPH

Today's top speed skijoring was 23 MPH - zoom!
(see the video below)
Airborne, sprinting Siberians...

It was "warm" (in the mid 30s) when we started, so I was not sure if my Siberian pals were going to be into a sprint day or if they were going to hold it to a trot to keep from getting hot. Well, the answer was, "fast now, cool off later!"

Sprinting along the trails near Sally Barber Mine. The GPS clocked us a 23 MPH along 
this stretch.  Excuse the "affectionate neck nibble" Zorro gives Max about 2/3 of the way
through the sprint (but he does pop out of the nibble and back into a sprint nicely :-)
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Given today's top speed of 23 MPH, it is safe to say the Siberians are in mid-season form and it is only November 8th. Fun, fun fun!

Such happy tails as my focused pals spin around on command to turn around and head
back to the trailhead.
Did I mention it was a "Siberian Hot Day" with temperatures starting in the mid 30s and
approaching the low 40s? Must roll snow angels and chomp down on snow cones to
cool off!

A fun 8.1 miles today with a fast top speed of 23 MPH and 1000 feet of elevation climbed.

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