Saturday, November 9, 2013


It started as such a peaceful early morning skijoring French Gulch today...
Trotting along, enjoying the peaceful day.

It was peaceful until.... MOOSE! We encountered 2 moose on the trail.

As we came around a bend in the trail, all moose broke loose!
It might be hard to see in the photo, but it felt soooo close! The Siberians have it
in sight and are locked & ready to launch. There is another moose to the left; but
Max & Zorro are locked on the one highlighted above.

What to do when encountering moose while skijoring? Throw your body to the ground in an attempt to anchor the wild Siberians!

As you can see by the angle of the skis, I am on the ground attempting to anchor the moose
juiced pair! Luckily the moose wanted nothing to do with us and trotted away.
"Why did they leave? Why are you on the ground stopping us from chasing? Come back
moose, come back!" exclaim Max & Zorro after both moose trotted far off in the distance.
Almost time for me to try and stand up...

As I said, an otherwise peaceful morning disrupted by a shot of "moose juice" in the Siberians! We skijored out & back in French Gulch and up & down Little French Gulch - 7.2 miles with 1050 feet of elevation climbed.

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