Friday, November 29, 2013

Hunt and Jog

It was "running out of terrain", not "running out of time", that caused us to alter our skijor route today.

Oops - look at that sinkhole in the trail! Normally we would continue this route for another
mile or two before turning around.
"Turn around! What a good idea!" says water-averse Zorro.
"Really? But that's a Siberian Hot Tub just in front of us!!!" states water-loving Max.

We spent our day skijoring around the Swan Valley Recreation Area in Breckenridge. One of the Siberian highlights of Swan Valley is that we frequently encounter moose tracks and occasionally moose themselves. Moose always add a little extra juice to the Siberian Engine...

The classic "hunt & jog" maneuver as Max & Zorro inspect a moose off to the left
without interrupting their jog. I saw a brown butt dip into the trees when I followed
their glance to the left. Luckily the moose was far enough away to draw just a
glancing "hunt & jog".
Second verse, same as the first.
Different section of trail, same result - a glancing "hunt & jog" as we see moose far
off to the left.

One of the other highlights of Swan Valley is that the most of the trails are packed by snowmobiles, leading to a fast sprint & jog all day long.

Sprint to the finish on a fast, packed snowmobile trail.
Almost 12 miles logged and the Siberians are still at full throttle!

Zooming along the South Fork section of Swan Valley Rd.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

A fun day running around Swan Valley: 11.6 miles with 1400 feet of elevation climbed. Unfortunately a GPS glitch lost our top speed - it was somewhere in the 20-24 MPH range...


  1. I'm going to have to stowaway when the nice lady akhross the street (she's the hu-mom to my Great Dane pal Antares) visits her place in Breckenridge KholWOOrado!

    I should be able to hide in one of Meg's bags, eh?

    Z's PA Twinnerer Khyra ;-)

  2. Khyra - I am sure you could fit in the luggage. Come on out!

    - Zorro